UEM's first trip to the brewery was also its first outing as an exploration group. 2 years ago when Tux and Rainman were the only members, they heard from a third party about the easy entrance to this historic building and went to check it out. You can see their trip in the first gallery.

UEM's second trip comprised the "big three" of the group. Mokonax, Wotan, and Tux. They were unfortunately scared away by the mysterious "man in blue" (who UEM have been on the lookout for ever since) and did not complete their exploration...

Until the third trip, when Tux, Mokonax, and Wotan returned to face their old enemy, which since their second trip had thwarted their attempts to enter every single time. This trip however, everything went smoothly, and UEM was able to explore unharassed

The Brewery is a very special building. It's mostly intact, and visitors to this historic industrial monument will get to see a lot of the equipment and furnishings as they once were. In addition, it occupies a special place in all of our hearts, as it was one of the first places we explored as a group. It's where we first discovered the pleasures offered by an abandonned building of this size.

The brewery offers the explorers challenge (getting in is quite tricky), pleasure (huge rooms, mammoth machines, interesting grafitti, wonderful rooftops) and when you leave it, a lingering sense of awe. Awe that man could build something so large, and abandon it so quickly. Awe that our past is so quickly and completely lost... and that you have been lucky enough to have been offered a glimpse of it.

Welcome to the O'Keefe Brewery.

Update: We took a fourth trip and discovered even more brewery goodies!

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