Equipment Closet - Good thing we don't take ALL of this ALL the time!

    o  Canon PowerShot S230
    o  Canon ZR60 MiniDV Camcorder
    o  Retired: Panasonic Palmcorder (VHS C)

    o  Retired: Sony Cyber-shot
    o  Wolf-Eyes 9T Raider
    o  2 Garrity 4D Tufflites
    o  Mini Maglite 2AA
    o  4AA imitation Maglite
    o  2AA no-name fancy light

    o  R.I.P: Garrity Candle (Tiny Sun)
Other Equipment:
    o  Bag-of-Lugging (backpack to carry everything)
    o  Small shoulder sack
    o  Canon PowerShot A300

    o  Retired: Kodak mc3
    o  R.I.P: Kodak DC215
    o  R.I.P: Kodak DC210 Plus
    o  Black Diamond "Moonlight" headlamp
    o  Mini Maglite 2AA
    o  "Made in China" 6V light
Other Equipment:
    o  Shoulder bag
    o  8.88$ Bric-A-Brac backpack
    o  "Infiltration" hood + hat
    o  Lots of NiMH batteries
    o  Lots of Compact Flash cards
    o Olympus D-565
    o  3D rubber-grip light
    o  2AA rubber-grip light
Other Equipment:
    o  Door-stopping gloves
    o  Hip Waders
    o  Small, sturdy backpack
    o  Half-face respirator with P-100 filters
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