We've known for a while about a set of reasonably secure tunnels running underneath McGill University's main residences - McConnell, Molson, and Garner Halls.

This tunnel system is delightful for a number of reasons. First, the layout is pretty unique. There is a central, circular loop tunnel which has three tunnels that branch off to the three residences. Thank for your tunnel maps, McGill website!

Secondly, we're up on the side of Mount Royal in such a way that each of the residences' ground floors are at different elevations. As you can see from the photo, the residence on the right is drastically lower than the one on the left. We were left wondering for a long time how this would affect the design of the system. There was only one way to find out (well, actually, maybe we could have just asked somebody, but that's no fun).

We were finally able to visit these alluring tunnels in the spring of 2004, as the resident students were packing up to leave for the summer.

From atop Douglas Hall, you can see McConnell (right), Molson (back), and Garner (left, behind trees), along with Bishop Mountain Hall (center).

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