Spy Games I (2003)

Wherein is recounted how our brave heroes set forth for the perilous lands of Toronto, Ontario, seeking adventures, danger, and riches to pay for their dreadfully expensive train tickets

Urban explorers are always looking for new places to snoop around. As a group, UEM had always wanted to one day travel to Toronto, the Canadian Mecca of urban exploration - its wacky subway tunnels, its hazard-filled Malt Plant, its subterranean abandoned Lower Bay station… It was thus with quite a bit of excitement that, a few weeks ago, we received a cryptic message from our good friend Ninjalicious (of Infiltration.org) inviting us to Toronto for a mysterious UE-related happening during the weekend. Plans were hastily drew to get there by diverse means of transportation, but in the end Mokonax could not make it, so Tux and I departed for Toronto on a crisp, clear Friday morning, our backpacks containing our trusty flashlights and a couple changes of clothes.

7 excruciatingly boring hours later, we arrived in Toronto. Immediately we noticed the abundance of construction sites around us - you're lucky if you find anything that's not a soon-to-be condo in Montreal. We walked a bit to get to Union Station, but shyness and a tight schedule held us back from wandering around the hot location. We knew there were steam tunnels somewhere… Sigh, one day. After more of the same (read: bus-riding), we joined up with Asher and WiZDoM of UEC. The night was a bit old for exploration, though, and since we had to make an early start the next morning, we decided to take some time to relax and eventually hit the sack.

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