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Part of the south tunnel stretch. Featuring the concrete pillars that support the rail bridge.

Duration: 17s
Filesize: 4.88MB | 1.6MB
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Return trip through the south tunnel.

Duration: 1m15s
Filesize: 20.4MB | 7.1MB

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Another return trip through the south tunnel. Features cool ramps and pipe-ducking!

Duration: 1m40s
Filesize: 26.2MB | 9.6MB
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Starting from the "workshop" room, we walk past a radio and worklight on our way back north.

Duration: 49s
Filesize: 12.7MB | 4.6MB
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Inside the rail bridge in the south tunnel. See the big concrete pillars?

Duration: 47s
Filesize: 12.4MB | 4.5MB
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We head out the north tunnel, get a glimpse of the mech room, then go down the west tunnel all the way to its junction.

Duration: 1m21s
Filesize: 4.37MB
| 7.63 MB
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