Jenkins Valve
This is the first building we entered. We were amazed as we realized how vast and expansive this place was.

A video of the "production" area. Most of these videos are very dark, but it wasn't quite as dark there as it seems.

More of the production area with a little bit more light. Listen for the clattering vent from above.

What this video lacks in lighting it makes up for with creepy wind causing random metallic clangs.

Another poorly-lit video of the production area. Tux makes an important point if you listen closely.

UEM stealth action! We tromp quickly through the sometimes shin-deep snow to limit our exposure to the ongoing snow storm, as well as to get away from road's view. We are true ninjas.

This is the beginning of UEM's second visit to Jenkins. Mokonax pauses to shoot this bright corridor, fearing that that there would be little opportunity to shoot well-lit video like the last time. Boy was he wrong.

We followed some kids we saw up to this upper-level room in the production building.

Exiting from the unusual little window/door from the end of the last video, we end up on a lower roof level where we can see the complex in a way we've never seen before.

A great video showing the scale of the Jenkins complex from an even higher(but not highest) roof level. A view of the two highest towers of the complex as well.

We attempt to find an entrance into the taller of the two towers from the roof level. We decide to come in from below instead.

Trying to capture the view from above. Wotan waltzes by Mokonax's slow, video-taking ass across the tiny steel beams above the "silo".

One more attempt at a video of the view.

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