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Name: Tux
Age: 40

Tux is the founder of UEM and maintains our website. Dubbed "Grand Exalted Leader" against his will. Chances are, if you've explored a building, Tux knows about it!

e-mail: tux@minimanga.com

Status: Active

Name: Mokonax
Age: Wise beyond his years

Mokonax is our resident technical support and is responsible for the bulk of our video. He's deathly afraid of getting caught but has no trouble trusting his life to rickety ladders.

e-mail: mokonax@minimanga.com

Status: Active

Name: Rainman
Age: N/A

Rainman is UEM's muscle. He took point in the brewery when we weren't sure if it was full of homeless people and drug-addled derelicts. Bearer of the big-ass six-dollar flashlight.

Status: Inactive

Name: Wotan
Age: Timeless

Wotan is UEM's first non-founding recruit. Equipped sparingly (but thoughtfully) he's probably one of UEM's more versatile members. He doesn't cart around pockets full of gadgets like the other members, not even a camera! Wotan has picked out a great number of our targets and done a huge amount of solo skulking to gather intelligence before the group hits a target. He's also our PR guy.

e-mail: wotan@minimanga.com

Status: Active