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Order Access all Areas. The Definitive guide to UE.

Who are you guys?

UEM is a small group of urban explorers based in Montreal, Canada. Our particular characteristics such as name or age are not important: the cynosure of our group is a passion for the exploration of urban locations. See the Group section for more information on us.

Uh, why do you explore?

We explore because we've always been interested in what's behind closed doors or under manholes. We explore not to steal, or to vandalize, but for the sake of exploring itself. We explore to understand what's going on beneath the everyday surface of things. In short, we explore because we love this city and care about it - both the new and the old.

Should I explore?

We would very much like to promote UE as a legitimate hobby/pastime/way of life, so yes, by all means, explore! Learn about the buildings you walk through and use every day. This said, it may not be for everyone, and you are always accountable for your own actions, whether they lead to a trespassing ticket, injury, or death in a flooding drain. UE is far from being a 100% safe activity, even in the 21st century.

Any rules?

There are no hard and fast rules in urban exploration - everyone has his or her idea of what UE is - but our members adhere to a few simple guidelines. First: we try to change the environments we explore as little as possible. This means we don't tag, we don't steal, we don't litter, and we don't vandalize - even in decaying buildings such as the O'Keefe Brewery. This helps preserve the environments for future explorers to enjoy. Second, we shy away from breaking and entering (B&E, as it's called in the business). B&E is a criminal offense. Basically, if we have to destroy something to get inside a target, it's not worth the risk. Third, we prefer to explore with people 18 years of age or older, so that everybody ends up being responsible for their own actions. As for our tastes and inclinations in terms of targets, just take a look under the "Explorations" header in the menu on the left.

Gosh, can I join?

Sure, we're always happy to meet fellow explorers. However, do realize that the core group is more or less closed, because, frankly, we are friends who enjoy each other's company before being people who explore together. We will gladly bring people along on our expeditions if they want to get a little taste of what UE is like - be on the lookout for our patented "Montreal Meet-Ups"! Finally, we'd love to hear about any places in Montreal you've explored not featured on our site. If you want to get in touch, just contact Tux!


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