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Canada Malt Plant
------ A huge, extremely decayed, former malt processing plant in Quartier St-Henri. See also our Scouting Trip.

CN Fruit Warehouse
------A small, abandoned rail shipping warehouse. Following in the footsteps of many previous explorers and not even knowing it.

Crack House
------ After a failed expedition to the Brewery, UEM found a building that looked abandoned, but was actually a squat.

GE Building
------ An unused administration building owned by General Electric. Big, empty, and inhabited by lots of pigeons and one cat.

Jenkins Valve
------ One of the larger buildings, for sheer floor space, that UEM has ever explored. If you like industrial decay, check out this gallery!

O'Keefe Brewery
Pitch black and spooky, but a huge maze-like beautiful decaying building. One of our finest moments.

Salvation Army Building
------ Mokonax and Tux explore an abandoned Salvation Army building. Tiled surfaces galore!

SOTAL Building
------Abandoned belt manufacturer in Outremont's industrial area.

Turcot Yards
------ Abandoned train yards. 5 buildings explored this trip!

Willy's Silos
------ UEM climbs the two towers of precarious Willy's Silos complex. The name will make sense, we promise.

Wellington Ventillation Tower
------ A small abandoned tower formerly used for ventilating the Wellington Tunnel.

Benny Farm
------ An abandoned apartment complex.