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The Bay: Storage
------ A quick series of shots from what is best described as a cross between a boiler room and the mad hatter's tea party.

CN Viaduct
------A perfectly innocent visit to a model train show turns into an exploration.

Concordia science building
------ A large construction site with lots to see. Completely unguarded!

Concordia science building II
------ Mokonax and I attempt to get to the roof. More photos and info.

Eaton Center Parking
------ A small tour of a parking garage that offered no particular exploratory delights.

Lionel-Groulx Utility Garage
------ UEM tours an off-limits garage at one of Montreal's largest subway stations.

Paramount Emergency Exits
A stairwell that not too many people have tread upon.

Pavillion Lorne-Trottier
------Wotan and Tux do some late night exploring at a building under construction on the McGill campus.

Sandwich UE
------ Lunch break urban exploration.

Steve's Hovel
------An ancient building in the early stages of renovation.

Villa Maria Utility Room
------UEM stumbles upon an unlocked, and fairly interesting, utility room at Villa Maria metro.

Ville-Marie Expressway
------Montreal's famous underground highway. A brief exploration of emergency exits, cut short by getting caught.